The Pietra del Finale covers a big area (10 kmq) behind the village of Finale Ligure. Therea are many hill plateaus and the crags are on their sides. They are form west to east:

PLATEAU OF VEREZZI with Caprazoppa nad Rocce dell’Orera

PLATEAU OF PERTI with Rocca di Perti and Paretina di Finalborgo

PLATEAU OF ROCCA CARPANEA with Monte Sordo, Parete Dimenticata, Placca delle Case Valle, Bric Scimarco, S. Antonino, Bric Grigio, la Kattedrale, il Konvento, Bric del Frate and Pian Marino.

PLATEAU OF S.BERNARDINO with Bric S. Bernardino, Bric Pianarella, Bric Spaventaggi, Monte Cucco, Rian Cornei, Val di Nava, Lacremà, Vacchè and Bastionata di Boragni.

PLATEAU OF ROCCA DI CORNO with Rocca di Corno and Rocca degli Uccelli

At last the PLATEAU OF LE MANIE with three little cave: Museo dell’Uomo, Monolocale and Mesa verde.


Finale is an all year round climbing destination but spring and autumn are the magical periods with their prime visiting peaks during th Easte holidays and in October. The quiter months are January and February which often have exceptional days with optimal friction. Friction is a prerequisite especially for the harder routes which almost always require a good grip. The winter months can be annoyingly windy at times with norgherly winds coming from the mountains (tramontana) but some sectors includin Monte Sordo, la Caprazoppa, la Falesia del Silenzio or Rocca di Corno are sheltered from the wind. The summer usually has a hot and humid period (normally two weeks in July) while afternoon in the month of August areoften windy and the climate starts to become ideal. The only big sector which remains dry or rainy days is the l’Anfiteatro di Monte Cucco.


Here it is all the news of the Finalese and also has information for bikers and trekkers.

Internet information about climbing in Finale Ligure

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And after climbing? Well if you come here in the right season, Finale is a famous sea-side resort with a bathing season from Easter to the end of Semptember. It has many equipped beaches and a cople of free onese, the Castelletto beach just outside Finale in direction of Savona is very nice. Finale is not only a climbing Mecca. For a couple of years is has also turned itself into a bikers hot spot, both off and on road.  Finale offers fantastic mountain biking possibilities as well as free ride. There are endless tracks mapped out by Fulvio Balbi (who you will find at hte Rockstore) and who is the author of the reference guidebook Blu Bike.

Trekkers will also find their haven here. Finale has a network of marked paths, which lead to the most beautiful and spectacular places of the area. Not to be missed are the ones leading to the top of the rocky Cape Noli, Le Manie, Il Ciappo delle Conche, PianMarino and the many caves of the area. To mention just one for all – the cave Strapatente.


By Andrea Gallo