Here is the news! Thanks to Medusa Experience our guests can enjoy Finale from the sea to the mountains.

Medusa Experiences are fully customisable packages which will make you enjoy your stay with ease.


Sailboat Tour

2-8 persons

Finale lived from the ground is amazing … but have you ever observed this place from another perspective? Choose our boat experience tailored for you!


Mountain Bike

1-6 persons

Holidays in Finale Ligure can be summed up with the motto “the mountain by the sea”. The possibility of following incredible itineraries, in the Mediterranean scrub with breathtaking views and at the same time doing “beach life” make it a fantastic place, an ideal destination for cyclists with family. Thanks to the excellent climate, cycling, mountain biking, trekking and free-climbing are practicable all year round.


MTB School

2-7 persons

Do you want to tackle the trails in total safety?

Do you want to improve your MTB skills?

Ask for a bike lesson with our instructor!

You will learn all the skills to progress in total safety.


Trekking in the Finale area

2-12 persons

The hinterland of Finale is certainly among the most beautiful of the Ligurian Riviera for its coexistence of naturalistic heritage and historical-cultural wealth.



Sport climbing

1 - 6 persons

Learn how to climb or improve your skills with the Alpine Guides’ help!

Medusa Experiences

Did you know that Finale Ligure is the Outdoor Capital?
Discover with us the natural beauties of the Finale hinterland and get involved participating in the activities we offer!